I thought the floods were last month!

My husband rang not long ago from the other house. He had been allowed to pass and go into the village because he had a four wheel drive. But he called because he had an emergency call while there that the river was rising. We our so out of touch living here on a hill with floods after living in a flood area for a quarter of a century, not that our house was in a flood zone or anything. I did live near a creek that flooded when I was a child though.

I am not sure why I didn't think of the river rising. He really wanted to visit the house and see how it is going. He has taken some pictures on the phone. Will know shortly how he got on, hopefully there are SES giving advice, and if it is too high he can stay at the other house until the water receeds.

He has been hearing stories, like for example this morning when he visited a store to buy straw. There was a bridge wash out not far out of town. Apparently you have to drive about 50 minutes along the river before there is a bridge high enough to cross. Tumut, Cootamundra and other places have been affected by it.

Update: Hubby got home OK. He said it was down, but I guess there was more water coming. The photos are of the Murray River. Looks like a lake atm doesn't it?


Tatersmama said…
The weather this year as been crazy, hasn't it???
We got snow here in Ballarat last night, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more tonight, since it's just as cold and the clouds are even thicker...
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Heard about interstate flooding on the ABC news this evening
Its poured here for days, freezing cold as well from the air mass thats come up from Antarctica - some places close by had snow lol Did you get any at all? Definitely not Springlike.
Hope your husband gets home soon and all in one piece
Take care

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