More on Halloween

Today on a reunion site I posted if anyone has memories about scary things. The site is about our town and a period of our lives. The scary theme I thought up, well because it is Halloween. This caused a post on a friend's fb about how they dislike Halloween, and a comment on the reunion site about how they didn't do that. Do what? Have scary memories?

So, in essence middle aged people have lots to say about Halloween!

At our house though, my daughter was with her friend today, they had a sleep over last night. I didn't see them until I went to pick her up, and they had a costume on. It was very scary, I didn't want to pick her up! Her friend's Dad just bought them home, and she has a bag, like a dilly bag with some nice chocolate in it. Apparently they knocked on their teacher's door, she invited them in, (they looked fantastic) and she told them about another teacher who was very generous with their treats. It is fun being in a small town seeing the kids that we know go around.

My son who is an adult did a pumpkin, added tealights and put it out the front. Last night he went to two Halloween parties. The sad part is that the weather has still been cold, we have our heater on, but tomorrow I will have to take down my pumpkin lights.


Debbie said…
I think Halloween will be celebrated more and more each year and the younger generation will embrace it, some older people think it doesn't belong here.
Linda said…
Yes, my generation are certainly being older people. I have kids who are still young, so maybe that is the difference.

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