Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... tulips

I am thinking... about confidence

I am thankful for... my kids good health

I am wearing... t-shirt, jeans, shoes. Though we did relight the wood heater last night

I am remembering... how I was blessed by:

Bee Gees
Saw A New Morning

I am going... maybe to the other house, I have a new silver? buddleia, like the yellow ones, and a white salvia, those ones like velvet, like the purple one only white from Bunnings, and may tell my husband where I want it planted

I am reading... nothing still

I am hoping... the paint that Bunnings mixed for me, supposedly in the Taubmans bases I wanted are OK. They didn't have two of the bases. One had to be mixed in Dulux paint. It was a long way to drive for that

On my mind... music. Corb Lund. I just can't help it.

Noticing that... Bunnings plays bird sounds in the garden section, it was strange for me with a bird ringtone and coming from a place with lots of bird sounds

Pondering these words...
..."Anyway, when are you going to realize you're both bright and competent?"

"At the rate I'm going, about three years after I'm dead."...

From: Every Secret Thing by Ann Tatlock p54

On Ann Tatlock's site about another novel, it says: ..."Tatlock delivers an intelligent mix of domestic insight and Christian philosophy." I really enjoyed Every Secret Thing. Except a little too graphic on an accident one of the characters has

From the kitchen... beautiful sounding Portugese Chicken Burgers, I bought the paprika especially, luckily Coles had it, unlike the frozen broad beans, but I won't go into that

Around the house... my son bought a Dalek t-shirt from Target

One of my favourite things... my new flowers

From my picture journal... from the end of September

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Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
The beautiful flower you show at the end of the post reminds me of flowers I have seen in Arizona. Maybe it was called bottlebrush? The variegated leaves, though, I haven't seen before.

It sounds like you are keeping busy, busy, as usual!
Linda said…
Hmm, now that you mention it they do look like bottlebrush flowers. Only these are smaller, but it is hard to tell in the photo.

It is a eucalyptus flower. It is easy to miss them each year and not notice. But this may be one that makes larger gumnuts. If that makes sense.

Interesting that there are some in Arizona, California has those types of plants. Arizona to me does look a little like Australia from the few pictures I have seen, or TV shows.
Linda said…

Scroll down.
Linda said…
I think there are some gumnuts in the background in my photo.
A Gracious Home said…
I enjoyed your post. The flower is beautiful. I love flowers. Have a great week, Doylene

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