Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... it would be very wet, water running down the street, and windy. Our power was out this morning. My husband boiled water on the gas BBQ a little one on a stand

I am thinking... about Facebook reunions. As you know I went to one in July, now another similar one is being organised

I am thankful for... the fact that I didn't hit a person on a motorbike coming down my lane the wrong way yesterday afternoon, perhaps he was American. There are lots of bikes in town, but can't hear any today

I am wearing... a good long sleeved top, an old windcheater over it which I will take off eventually and my good jeans

I am remembering... that my son has a chemistry mid-semester test at uni today

I am going... I may go to my other house, but the girls usually somehow require me to stay home, maybe my organisational skills need improving

I am reading... only cookbooks, have a short attention span for those though

I am hoping... I find out if the church camp is cancelled. Forecast was for snow there, now we have flooding up the river, which is not where the camp site is though

On my mind... VCE (school stuff), and heart disease

Noticing that... it has been foggy again sometimes, a little memory of winter, very pretty in some ways

Pondering these words... I really wish I was pondering some nice words. Will have to visit some inspiring blogs soon to have something to ponder

From the kitchen... Chicken & Lentil Soup we overbought chicken which is not a bad thing

Around the house... lots and lots of clothes drying, and the wood heater back on

One of my favourite things... the purple top I am wearing with pintucks, love pintucks

From my picture journal... my tulips, before the rain

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Tracy said…
Hi Linda,
I enjoy your Simple Woman posts. It makes it easier having categories to fill sometimes.
Love the picture of your tulips. They grow well for me.

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