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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... someone shredding trees. I think it was related to the heavy rain we had. It turns out our neighbour had the plum tree through his window from the wind. Yesterday afternoon they must have opened up a road as the people came back into town, today the tourists are back and it is a nice day

I am thinking... about the song forever young and my age group

I am thankful for... the wood that I grumbled about spending so much collecting that could have been spent on the house, trees would be still falling down from the rain and wet ground where we usually get our wood from and we are still burning it for heat

I am wearing... my good clothes, but not the good top, but maybe I will put it back on

I am remembering... my hometown. Lots of talk about it, sort of takes the gloss of it a bit actually

I am going... I can't decide. I can shop to save my husband having to do anything, even though I cut it down so it isn't a big shop. I will have to go to the regional centre though, then I will see the lake with a large volume of water in it, haven't seen that since I was little, but we'll see, maybe it is the same as three or four years ago

I am reading... I have nothing exciting in my library list so they can't send me anything

I am hoping... I have enough things to say to post a Back To Basics post

On my mind... taking my daughter to buy school uniform, it means a whole day off school again as the teacher suggested a shop in the regional centre, I don't want to go on Saturday though, we live a long way from the shops. Really it is a nightmare, but better than waiting until the Christmas shopping starts I guess, and the heat! Yes it is ridiculous. My daughter was near that shop the other day, but she says she did look, hope so

Noticing that... bluegum (a type of eucalyptus) is a great wood for this time of year because it doesn't go out. Someone can come along and stir up the coals and we have the fire in the wood heater going again in no time. Though October, this morning was cool inside

Pondering these words... nothing except the forever young thing

From the kitchen... Bacon, Tomato & Rocket Spaghetti (arugula)

Around the house... everyone has homework to catch up on, but they seem more determined to do it, so that is good, I was very concerned

One of my favourite things... catalogues in the mail. Yesterday I got the Chrisco gift catalogue and found an idea for tiles in my other house. Fits in with the wall colour and the painting scheme that was suggested to me for selling the house

From my picture journal...

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