Simple Womans Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... a sunny day, my tulips are nearly finished and the lawn is very lush

I am thinking... and singing to Justin Beiber's new video U Smile

I am thankful for... people who make me smile!

I am wearing... new My Size lilac t-shirt, new jeans, windcheater as it is cold inside today

I am remembering... to take some more photos for the blog

I am going... it is all a total blank, endless days stretching out lol. Obviously lots will come up by themselves. The girls have three invitations that we have to organise

I am reading... maybe the library will bring me something today, but maybe I have to put some more books on my list, it will take awhile though I have read lots already

I am hoping... that the end of the school year will slow down a little! Is it just me or did it go by quickly, or is that because we have had a really long spring weatherwise

On my mind... a had a telemarketer today who had the giggles who tried to cover it with a cough, the new things you can see even when you are my age!

Noticing that... a few days ago our neighbour still had his window boarded up. Maybe it is because of our location. And other things related to the recent flooding here which saw the neighbours tree through his bedroom window is that my Mum said that the floods in other parts of north victoria have seen trees fall on two people. I am so glad we have that wood, so my husband doesn't have to go out amongst any trees. Our fire was off this morning, but very cold, I have just warmed up at 2pm, it will be nice outside though

Pondering these words... just more song lyrics

From the kitchen... hopefully we remembered to soak an old half bag of chickpeas (garbanzos). Yep, they have all swelled? up nicely. Pumpkin & Chickpea Casserole

Around the house... my daughter's lovely stitching, with beautiful words

One of my favourite things... looking at stitching and crochet

From my picture journal... Murray River in flood

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