That's My World Tuesday

I have some photos from mid September onwards that I haven't posted yet, so thought I could put some in That's My World Tuesday.

By the lake coming home from the regional centre one day.

Same day, isn't coming home wonderful?

On the way to our other house to work on it

This is the largest mountain in Australia

Visiting a newly opened shop, coming home with our goodies


J Bar said…
These are beautiful scenes. Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs
Luna Miranda said…
serene scenery. the green fields are always welcoming.
FarmGirl67 said…
Nothing like the drive homeBUT to drive home with shopping goodies,not much sweeter I say
Gwendolyn L said…
Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing this lovely location with the rest of the world.
Miss Eagle said…
Beautiful - and those snowy mountains. But I'd rather look at them in your pix that be on them!

Blessings and bliss
Titania said…
Hi Linda, the landscape where you live is very beautiful. Everything looks so green so you must have had some rain. Yes, it is always a pleasure to return home!

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