30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 10

~ Yesterday my husband and eldest daughter came home for lunch. When they got back into their car, they actually saw a swarm of bees around the old shed over the road. It must have been something as my daughter was a little worried. I like the thought of the bees though. My Grandpa used to collect unwanted swarms and put them in bee boxes.

~ Yesterday my husband had a telephone call, and afterwards we were able to sit at the table and have a proper adult conversation without being interrupted though I was always conscious of it

~ I found the Hearts for Home meme

~ Glorious cloud formations and even sky colour near them today and a pretty cloud yesterday, even my middle daughter pointed out the same cloud

~ Last night my husband said I had a sense of humour and that I was funny, and he either didn't remember or hadn't seen it for a long time

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