30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 12

~ I had some good news about my car. There are two possibly problems for why I have water in my fuel line. To figure out if it is a plug that is difficult to change, they are bypassing my LPG, running on petrol and seeing how much water I lose on a trip that shouldn't use more than 2.5 litres of water usually. In other words we will know if it is the gas or something else.

~ my husband had some heavy duty plastic here already, didn't have to buy any to temporarily repair the chimney. Now I hope no one lights the fire. Considering how hot it is today, it is not likely (I hope). It was 30°C today.

~ a Christmas present arrived in the mail safely by the looks of it, so I don't have to worry when it is coming, just wait for Christmas to arrive. It takes care of the whole three girls for Christmas

~ got a more realistic list worked out for son's uni enrolment for next year, takes a lot of working out

~ heard cicadas for the first time this year

~ have the windows open a little for some nice breeze


Jan said…
Lovely to hear you have things organised.

I haven't heard a cicada for a while, living right in town here.

Love and Blessings, Jan
Caroline said…
Hi Linda Just popped by to say hello.Isn't it nice to hear the cicarda's on a warm night. Hope you get your uni stuff worked out we've been in the thick of that too!!
Linda said…
Just units for majors first semester only and all that jazz.
Debbie said…
I hope they work out what is causing the car problems for you.
Cicadas are really a summer thing aren't they and sometimes they are deafening:0)

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