30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 13

~ last night my little 8 year old daughter asked how to make a dress. She has a secondhand cotton dress originally from Target and it ripped while playing outside. She was worried about it, and being a sewer at heart she asked how to make a dress, she was thinking it out in her head.

~ now she asked for a scone recipe and is making scones. I used the old Cookery The Australia Way, modern scone recipes don't do it for me. Added a note for her to update it that her butter should read 30g. We use two cups of SR flour, 3/4 cup milk

~ my daughter got some driving practise in, which is always an issue to make up the hours required

~ the scones were nice

~ the dining room that was a country yellow is now undercoated. We took a cupboard down and it left a concrete look with an old 70s colour remnant, terrible. So needed to paint the whole room. Was going to match in a colour, love colourful rooms. Even bought some new country yellow, but couldn't decide. Real estate agent helped me decide. The lounge is modern, its bright colour is staying so the next door dining room is an off white that matches orange and purple called Hog Bristle 1/4 strength. Our ceilings are gorgeous 1920s style (house is 40s) maybe it is a 40s style of cover strips across the ceiling. Tall, and some are purple, I think the kitchen and dining room. Thankfully they are staying because I really like them. I didn't paint them though. The yellow may have worked muted down with the purple, sort of French, but not with the next door loungeroom


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