30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 21 & 22

Blessed and thankful about:

~ I went for a 4.5 hour drive yesterday, half there and half back. On the way home I noticed lots of fields of dandelions, beautiful
~ the kindness of the people looking after my teeth
~ I appreciated the trouble they go to there to update their colour schemes in their building, beautiful
~ that it didn't cost more than I had
~ that I found some music I really enjoyed to play on the trip home
~ that my daughter could handle the Chrisco delivery
~ that my husband and I got to travel together for part of the way, because it was early it was nice he was driving, it cut my total drive time down

on Sunday
~ I got something off my chest that had been there for a long time
~ my middle daughter came back from a weekend away looking calm and happy


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