30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 24 - 30

~ butterflies must have hatched because they are floating by everywhere. How lovely.

~ my blessings include the fact that I was able to cope with my latest problem with my back. I was concerned I would have to go to hospital. Would appreciate any prayers. I had a shower today which is what made it especially bad, I tried having a shower too early in my recovery. I have a step in bath.

~ I am thinking how much God loves me. I have had some amazing chain of events, and I am thankful for that

~ my back problem occured when my husband was rarely at home and he could look after me, amazing isn't it?


Debbie said…
I hope your back gets better soon
Take care
Renata said…
Hi Linda
I hope your back recovers quickly - I'll be praying!
We've also had a whole heap of butterfies here lately - they are so beautiful! I just love seeing them flitter here & there!
Take care
Linda said…
I feel the prayers are working things are much better today, but I think I should go rest again instead of sitting up.

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