30 Days of Thanksgiving

The link up for the 30 Days of Thanksgiving is here.

Looking at all these lovely pumpkin pictures has inspired me not to take down my pumpkin lights that I had up for Halloween, I can say to the kids they are now for Thanksgiving. Yes, it is not Thanksgiving in Australia this month, but next autumn (28th May, 2011 remember our seasons are opposite to the US), but I am grateful to be able to join in being thankful with others. That is why my photo is not particularly autumn looking, but it is November in Australia, and it has been a cool spring. What they say in Australia is that the National Day of Thanksgiving is an opportunity not an event. This is because thanksgiving is new, and they are trying to promote the idea to take the opportunity to give thanks. Here is their official site.

You can see the grass (taken last Saturday) has advanced from my header picture.


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