Back To Basics Challenge

From October 31:

Sowing seed or Planting

I had my eyes on a couple of lovely silverbeet plants in the garden that I had been bragging had been there for two seasons. Had the leaves scheduled in for a recipe. Still admiring them then two days later about the time they were due to be eaten, they had gone to seed!!! Anyway, my husband said "she'll be right" and they were. Done and dusted, in the pot.

The pac choy is going to seed too. My Mum said this would happen when I bought it, so we are leaving it to seed down.

Planning for The Future

We have to seriously dry out our chimney by lighting the fire, tape heavy duty plastic on the chimney, and put inside a sign that says not to use it. Go to the regional centre and get the same kind of chimney cap we got for the other house and put it on. Read, do some mortar work. A bit short of cash, so I will have to lift my game.

I have gone a bit crazy and bought my third paprika, this time hot. It will be a bit more challenging to use, it looks like it is an American flavour for spicy southern cooking, any thoughts?

Have a plan in mind tomorrow to start the painting. While I was sitting thinking in my room, I looked at the boards on the wall in the hall and had an idea for painting this house. We are painting the other house as the real estate agent suggested, yes real estate white. But I am using a colour called Hog Bristle 1/4 strength that is a current colour. Also I saw it in a Freedom catalogue a little while ago, then collected things from the paint shop etc. Since it goes with orange and purple in the catalogue, which there is some of at the other house, and brown, the same applies here. So I am all excited. Sort of a muted version on the current Taubmans Desert Spice idea, much watered down. Walls white.

The local paper has a ad how to keep in touch during the fire season. My husband says he has the same thing in the shed that just needs a battery or something, a fitting. I have been wanting a working radio in my car since I bought the car and my husband said my current CB is not good in all areas. I have wanted them changed over. I keep mentioning these things since I cried last year after a false alarm. My Mum says that the conditions of the bad fires of Kinglake (read 46°C) won't happen again, but last summer we had hot winds that caused the Ournie fire, both powerline related. I have a question for people that are following the politics in Victoria, if the Liberals get in, are they obligued to keep the promise to spend money on maintaining the powerlines?

My husband plans on buying a new kind of wood splitter (like an ax) to split the bluegum as it is very tough. Yes, in this place we actually shouldn't have wood lying around during fire season.

Working for the Future

We bought the industrial cleaner to clean our chimney that we have finished, not sure if it was the one originally suggested to us, need to actually do it though.

I am thrilled with the plant I bought at Bunnings that was a paint box one, a white fluffy salvia. I don't regret spending the money and look forward to how it fills out the garden for when the house is on the market.

Building Community

Reading Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes to help me understand others.

Learn a new Skill

I was able to convince my eldest daughter to go to the bank on her way home from school and activate her new card. It all helps. Now I want to open a credit union account for my eight year old girl as they have a school link now.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Tracy said…
I would like to borrow that book from the library but I will have to wait until they can get it from another library.
Good luck with your painting.

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