Radical Homemakers Continued

OK I am up to page 13. It was a particularly good page. I could get it. But I had to keep drawing lines for myself. I think I get very caught up in my negative feeling towards words. In this case homemaker in the sense of this book and simple living blogs.

I'll give you example.

"But truth be told, when I crunched the numbers, a farmers' market meal made of a roasted local pasture-raised chicken, baked potatoes and steam broccoli cost less than four meals at Burger King...

Put when push came to shove, I knew that Burger King would win out. The reason? Many people don't even know how to roast a chicken, let alone make a chicken salad from the leftovers or use the carcass to make a stock. Mainstream Americans have lost the simple domestic skills that would enable them to live an ecologically sensible life with a modest or low income...

Eating local, organic, sustainably raised, nutrient-dense food was possible for every American, not just for wealthy gourmets or self-reliant organic farmers. But to do it, we needed to bring back the homemaker..."

So I have to draw lines, insert domestic skills in place of the word homemaker. If you have been watching shows like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Jamie's School Dinners etc. etc. it is all very exciting.

But when I get to words like:

"More than simply soccer moms, Radical Homemakers are men and women who have chosen to make family, community, social justice and the health of the planet the governing principles of their lives..." p13

well I just don't apply it to myself and I get lost. Does anyone else have this problem?


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