Radical Homemakers

I have a question for you?

How does someone who is in their late 40s, a woman, read Radical Homemakers? A book Rhonda Jean suggested reading. I know lots of you are regular followers of the blog. Has anyone read the book yet?

I start, get interested, then stop again. It is going to take a lot of perserverance to read it.

It started off great, about 5 maybe pages in I was lost (the above link I have linked to click like the picture on the real page). Started again this morning, and her life story doesn't ring true. Why? I guess that happens when the writer is 12 years younger than me, a different generation. I can relate to rural New York, that is not a problem, my husband has been there, can relate very well. It was still backwards 10 years ago, yes it does have a lot of interstate on off ramps.

Then I flick through to this page:
"Their "guilt" is indicative of a slippery double standard in our culture: those who garner exorbitant salaries by everaging and manipulating all sorts of resources in the marketplace (incuding government funds and other people's money) are regarded as "successful," while those who use the very same skills - entreepreneurialism, acumen, opportunism, and efficiency - to live without profiteering are regarded as "ne'er-do-wells," "slackers," or "mooches." Further, those who achieve their wealth and success "independently" through the conventions of the extractice economy are ultiately reliant upon someone's labors or have exploited some other resource..."

How true is that. Very true. And the secret to perhaps peace where my life is concerned, though there is to be lots of thinking about it done yet.

Anyway, I guess it is a case, if I want to learn something, perhaps improve myself I will have to try again. At my age, you get to a point where you cannot dismiss the 30 year old people anymore. They are adults and real men and women, meaning the men are real men etc. I guess I should mix more lol.

Any encouragement to read it would be appreciated, because often I read the blog for example and I can't imagine the things that are left unsaid. Because I stopped working at 20, I guess this is why it happens.


tina said…
I haven't read this...can you send me a link to her blog? I will check out the library to see if they have it here.
Linda said…
You can read the start by clicking picture.

The website is:


I would be very interested in what you think Tina.
Linda said…
Rhonda Jean's blog is separate, you may have heard of it, it is called Down to Earth.

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