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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... an arch full of Renae roses, that flower for most of the warmer months if not all, here is a photo of it on another arch in Oz (Australia)

I am thinking... how the girls got lots of videos for 50c at the op-shop on our day out. The op-shop is on our way and the lady there is always very nice, it makes such a difference. I wonder how many people she blesses in one day? My daughter hadn't seen Lion King and her friends still talk about it

I am thankful for... an opportunity that I found today for my daughter to apply for a part time job

I am wearing... a navy t-shirt, black and orange top over it, new jeans, socks, scuffs, it is to be 27°C here today, warmer than it has been

I am remembering... that I got my daughter some shoes on my shopping trip, for school, no casual shoes. And no clothes. But I have found some I like that match her existing clothes on Pumpkin Patch, hopefully I can order those. My other daughter got some presents for a birthday and baby shower, sunglasses, wallet which she needed and a haircut, she also activated her new bank account this week, so is making some progress. Our shopping day wasn't hot.

I am going... to take my daughter to gym tonight, all those activities will start to stop until well into next year

I am reading... Ganeida's Knots blog post, she made an interesting point about children, quiverful is something I am interested in. I have been thinking about life and the contrast in people who are doing quite well, and others, yes, having a whinge. But anyway, I will ponder how God has blessed me with children. I hope I can help them, then the whole thing makes sense. Possibly I can help my daughter have piano lessons again, help my daughter apply for this job if she wishes. It makes such a difference. I am doing well, I have been blessed, perhaps could have organised things better for myself

I am hoping... the mystery can be solved about my car. Still having problems. It has water in the engine, even though it has been planed, possibly a plug or the gas converter. Anyone else here have a duel fuel car?

On my mind... all of the above

Noticing that... my husband went to a dinner party on Saturday. He brought home some Italian nibbles to share with the girls and I. One of the almond biscuits tasted like the hard almond cake I used to be able to buy at Coles years ago, perhaps unibic. Does anyone make these?

Pondering these words... “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Chinese proverb from a friend on fb

From the kitchen... I bought some fresh curry leaves from Coles last week as I saw them there. That is a good enough reason lol. We usually use dried ones, only ever bought the one packet. So trying them tonight to see what the difference is.
Fragrant Egg Curry

Around the house... I have to figure out how to get medicine for my canaries. At least we know what they need now, our vet doesn't do canaries and it is a very long trip to take them to another one, unless I guess I go to NSW, there is a thought

One of my favourite things... almond cakes or biscuits of course! The other stuff was good too!

From my picture journal... my middle daughter

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Janet Rose said…
I stumbled upon your blog by reading some posts on "Simply Woman's Daybook". Enjoyed your post. I have always wanted to visit Australia...maybe one day I'll make it there.
Felicity said…
Hi, I'm popping over from The Simple Woman's Daybook. I've enjoyed your daybook, and I really like the Chinese proverb.
(in South Africa)

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