Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... it is dark now

I am thinking... just feeling nice because it is evening and quiet and I have Justin Bieber's song Pray playing

I am thankful for... how lovely my house and garden look today, the other house, even though it is not exactly as far advanced as we would like

I am wearing... good jeans, old t-shirt with NZ Downunder on it, I got it at the op-shop lol

I am remembering... how lovely the scenery was coming back from the other house, beautiful clouds, lots of wildflowers a yellow flower in the grass, green grass, just beautiful, interesting things in the river which is up, evidence of flood water's past

I am going... probably no where, but last time I said that I did lol

I am reading... Irish Chain by Earlene Fowler

I am hoping... I deal with paperwork that has come in the mail

On my mind... the storm that was in Melbourne, maybe it will come here later, I think though it is going in another direction this time

Noticing that... we had heavy rain again today, it was very dark this morning

Pondering these words... none that I remember

From the kitchen... we are having a family pie from the Christmas hampers that are now in our freezer

Around the house... a Christmas dress that I got from ebay for my daughter either for the day or for her Christmas concert at school, it is white with red stars and jewels

One of my favourite things... my lavender bushes the modern small ones, the flowers on the onions that you can see out the window

From my picture journal... for those who have ever wondered how that bed that we made one winter turned out. It is the one near the pickets, we made another bed later one. This rose was saved from its position in our current house where the dog enjoyed chewing it back to nearly one stick. I went there today and it is different again, lots of pretty lavenders. They finally came into their own. I should have taken a new picture I had the camera with me.

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Joyce said…
How lovely to hear about your garden, Linda, and all the plants, when our cold, snowy, blowy weather is upon us in northwest Washington! It's raining just now, but is almost cold enough to snow again.

I'm sorry I haven't been stopping by your blog very often. I have mainly been on Facebook, I think. I'll try to do better. :P
Linda said…
I've been thinking about you too today Joyce. xx

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