Back to Basics Challenge

From December 7

Sowing seed or Planting

More berry picking.

Planning for The Future

I am planning on getting sugar and starting to make raspberry jam next weekend. I hope it works out.

Working for the Future

I love this picture. It shows that with the tiles put back and some different colour handle pulls (not gold) the kitchen will make some sort of sense. Well it is lots better than it was. It shows what a bit of advice from a professional can do. The white is 1/4 strength Hog Bristle by Dulux.

Building Community

My husband went to a dinner on Friday. I didn't go unfortunately.

Learn a new Skill

I learnt how to use grooveshark to repeat my music on the computer.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Caroline said…
Yum! The jam sounds good!!
Have school hols started for you yet?
Linda said…
Our son is home from uni, our daughter nearly finished, just has some hospitality work to finish off, and the other two sometime this week, hubby finished on Friday.
Renata said…
I hope your jam making goes well - I love making jam, in fact I have some cherries in the fridge that I have to make into jam tomorrow! ItÅ› lovely to catch up on your news - hope your Christmas preperations are going well! Have a lovely day

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