Review of 2010

Usually each year when I blog I review my year, or remember at least doing it once lol. I haven't my photos on the laptop, but don't feel I can spend the time, but I could add them when my computer is fixed. Very hot ending to the year isn't it? Usually it rains sometimes on New Year, no sign of that here.

I had a harder time than usual this year on a personal level. But I am still going along OK, and hope that improves as it set off a bit of anxiety and back problems perhaps.

However at the end of last year I was worried about a lot of other things and everything turned out well. And at the start of the year we saw our son settled in university. He was in a really convenient location which gave him a good start. He got varying marks, but when I get worried I tell myself he got one high distinction and four credits so that is good. He only studied seven subjects this year because of timetable issues doing a major that is not common to the science degree which is maths. He got a pass too.

During the time of Christmas in July I was able to attend a reunion of my friends from my year at high/tech school. We had been talking on facebook for a couple of months and some others came as well. It was a group of about 30 and we had our photos taken. I got some new clothes for it and that helped all during spring, I enjoyed that. I nearly didn't go to the reunion.

From that group, I talk to at least two women all the time on facebook. I caught up with a lady who I have known all my life. She sat across from me and from that talk I was able to talk to another friend and get something off my chest. Not sure what the upshot of that is yet, but it all helps I suppose. I usually don't dwell on the past, I am sort of reviewing my high school years I guess and that period of my life, in which quite a lot happened really. As my husband said, after that at 20 I settled down into a routine that has stayed with me since.

The winter itself was the coldest I have put in I think. But I was conditioned to the cold by then. We also got extra wood at the end of the season which was extended and we used it. By then trees were waterlogged and falling down so it was good we didn't have to go find wood.

I lost a lot of weight, when I say a lot, it feels that way because I have been a similar weight since perhaps my children were little. Though having said that the time I thought I got bigger turned out not to be true as I looked thin when expecting my second child. That can be explained though, I always seemed thinner after delivering a baby. I am at the weight now that I was after the last two babies.

This was an upshot of saving money for my daughter's deb ball. I kept going to the regional centre for clothes etc. and really had to work at making things stretch by a lot of thinking and planning. It stretched me that is for sure. Then I never did get back to my full shopping allowance for food that I usually spent the year before. I didn't actually go shopping in my usual place in NSW at all, maybe once. So more housebound, except really I did get to go to the regional centre for the deb ball and other things, and got to shop in my favourite supermarket Coles sometimes. It was my favourite before I came here 7 years ago. I feel fairly comfortable in the regional centre's Coles now which is 1 1/2 hours away.

I was housebound in the sense of having the back problems three times. I did like how I got to go to Melbourne. I have been going better than usual in that I got to go to Melbourne in 2009 in October, and this year in August. That is more than I usually get to go even when I lived closer perhaps. We live 5.5 hours from Melbourne.

My car was in the workshop for extended periods three times. So the back and the car and the personal problems were really something different and not normal here.


Debbie said…
I hope this year brings you everything you wish for, Happy New Year.

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