Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... there is a light breeze outside, very nice, warm but not too hot

I am thinking... if I am short waisted or long waisted, my friend did the leg work for me and here is the answer (how to tell)

I am thankful for... good health

I am wearing... jeans, because I haven't got my shorts ready for summer yet

I am remembering... my plan with my money, will exucute some of it tomorrow

I am going... hopefully to pick my daughter up from school

I am reading... finished The Inn At Shadow Lake by Janet Edgar

I am hoping... I enjoy the Pumpkin Patch order I did for my little girl, I had been wanting to do it for ages and didn't have the opportunity, lots where already sold, but they match what she already has and will be for all seasons, which means I am worried I have enough t-shirts

On my mind... how I still feel easily overwhelmed, like a very minor minor anxiety about my back, it must have given me a fright

Noticing that... I have to find a Mary costume for my little girl

Pondering these words... "It is boring being taken seriously all the time." ~ Trinny & Susannah and...

"Practicing Sabbath rest is one way of exercising humility" ~ Head Heart Hand blog post

From the kitchen... either bought quiche and salad or hamburgers from bought patties

Around the house... our eldest daughter has a nice boy who is a friend over for the first time, they are very quietly playing the wii with our youngest daughter as well

One of my favourite things... Justin Bieber's newer songs and the acoustic versions of the older songs, so smooth. Just stops them going old, not that they really do

From my picture journal... from my rose garden at the other house, where the catmint takes over lol

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Caroline said…
That is something that I have often wondered. I think I am short-waisted??

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