Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... the sky is lightening and and path is wet, it is supposed to snow in the mountains, could have taken a picture, but it would be covered in clouds today

I am thinking... how it is nice my Mum has taken the two older kids who have now a habit of staying up late etc. for a holiday before Christmas

I am thankful for... a bit of time for myself with no pressure to do things for uni or school or people coming and going from the door, though yesterday I was quite surprised to get Christmas parcels in the mail. It is also great to play my music loud without someone turning it down!

I am wearing... winter clothes, not very warm inside at all. The chimney still has plastic over it to keep out the rain, and we have the electric oil heater on and it is still 19° which is cold inside

I am remembering... I don't want to remember anything lol. I did remember to tell my husband what paint colour he is going to use next on the door frame

I am going... to Mum's for Christmas

I am reading... I have finished a lovely book called Loving tenderness by Gail Gaymer Martin.

I am hoping... to have a nice year next year. Someone sent me Christmas wishes on Facebook, and it gave me hope, it is nice to get Christmas wishes isn't it

On my mind... how special each persons individual circumstances can be

Noticing that... maybe I will get in the Christmas mood before Christmas. I haven't been in denial about Christmas before as I have this year

Pondering these words... from friends on facebook, one said that we aren't an island and I actually talked about things I keep to myself, good for getting a new persepective

From the kitchen... left over chow mein and a cup of tea for lunch

Around the house... lots of cleaning and washing, it is nice, pretty lights on the mantel

One of my favourite things... the McClymonts when I am in the mood for them

From my picture journal... thankfully he shaved it off to go to Nana's. He has been home since last Saturday

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Tracy said…
Hi Linda,
Sending you happy tidings for Christmas and the New Year. I hope the weather warms up soon too.
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I love how you said you don't want to remember anything! Sometimes when life is busy it seems like there is just too much to remember.

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