Back to Basics Challenge

I can't believe it is a week since my last back to basics post. Wow. I know the school holidays will be over before we know it and a new exciting year will start. With lots of kids each year can be quite different so a bit of a shock each year with new challenges.

Sowing seed or Planting

Our raspberries are so tall now you can see them over the fence! Yay us!

Planning for The Future

I have been planning things. Not sure what they are atm.

Working for the Future

My middle daughter's bra was broken and my husband used a clasp from old bra that does up at the front. She had the bra one day, that I had driven with her to the regional centre to get and jumped on the trampoline and it broke. We found the old white bra while getting clothes ready to pack for their holiday. So stole the clasp on the front.

My husband took apart the roller door at the back of the house, and bought new rollers and put the door back together.

I ordered two light shades that cost $20 for two. They will be put up in the lounge.

Building Community

I spent three days at the pool for 1/2 hour or so each. I met the Mum of one of my daughter's friends, my eldest daughter. She is lovely. Caught up with my youngest daughter's teacher's wife. I appreciated them both a lot. Went up the street before the grocery shut for the night and saw some more people, so I'm happy with that. I feel I am getting more out of touch.

Learn a new Skill

My Mum is going to help my nine year old daughter make a dress. My daughter says she wants stripes. Hmm. I was about 12 when I drafted a pattern at school and made a little baby's dress of all things.

My son has been learning how to use the whipper snipper. My youngest has learnt backstroke at the pool.

I think just going up the street is keeping more up to date. Seeing what goes on, that is in this modern world, not in the world of my memories of how things are done lol.

My Mum says she is going to teach the two youngest to make plum pudding and Christmas cake. We will see if they do or not on their holiday.

I received Carla Emery's Encyclopaedia in the mail, so I will be reading it.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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