Brooke Fraser - Deciphering Me

I needed help with the interpretation with this song, so happy with it. Got these words from here. I think it is beautiful and helpful like so many of Brooke's songs.

shanimal_cat said:
love song?

woyloyboog said:

the bridge makes me think its about God.

loaferz4life said:

if you watch the music video to "deciphering me", it seems like brooke fraser's playing off of sofia coppola's film "lost in translation", not only from the title (translation? deciphering?) but also the "neon" setting (aka. tokyo, japan, where LIT was shot), the clear umbrella brooke is holding (like the one scarlett/charlotte holds in the film), and the meaning of the song which responds so well to the plot of the movie.

if you haven't seen the movie, the movie is basically about a man and a young woman meeting by chance in a bar in tokyo. from there, they form a friendship, sharing each others life crisis (how they feel so out of place, empty). they continue to spend time with one another, until it's time for them to go their own ways. brooke speaks from either one of the two's shoes - they have met by chance, have created this unforgettable bond, yet, when they part, feel so helpless that they might be losing something (friend) that they might never find again. but, to brooke's singing, it's like they're telling one another, it's okay. we're not drifters in this thing called life. "we belong."

so perhaps a love song with a comforting messaging of unity through Him. that's just my take.

KevKun said:

I think this song is about a couple dissapearing in the Rapture(gravity falling, stars colliding, calling us home), and its really great. Such a beautiful song.


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