Mark Wells - You're Still On My Mind (Official Music Video)

The official video.


Caroline said…
On my mind is the endless amount of devastation from the flooding all around us.
Caroline xo
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
See they mentioned NE Vic on the warnings today - are you getting much rain up your way?
Take care
Linda said…
Thanks Cathy. My Mum is due to pick up the girls from Wangaratta, and she was worried about the water. It hasn't rained much at all here. So I had better work out if it affects our trip tomorrow.
Linda said…
Caroline I'm sorry I have offended anyone by the title of my video. Even facebook has gone quiet so I think a lot of people are watching the TV. I am just going through a hard time atm. Don't have free to air TV so the footage I haven't seen as I don't watch the news, actually I haven't really been watching Austar much either. I know I couldn't handle it very well, so no point upsetting myself further.
belinda said…
Hi Linda,

Hope everything is still ok up your way. Vic's just gotta get through tonight's rainband so best wishes to you.

Kind Regards
Caroline said…
I don't think you would have offended anyone Linda. It's actually been good for me reading blogs from other places to try & get my mind off the devastation here. I am sure it's good for a lot of other QLD bloggers too!! I'm just worried that you guys have a lot of it coming your way.
Hope you are feeling better, maybe when school starts it will be better for you. I know by the end of the school hols I am that out of routine i never know wether I'm coming or going.
Linda said…
Yes, that has a lot to do with it. Thanks Caroline. I should study the calendar and get a handle on what is going on here lol.

Humid but not too much rain to speak of where we are, but in our hometown there is some coming down sometime, down the river.

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