My food shopping day

I went to the place I used to go to but haven't for a very long time. My husband can't help me much with grocery shopping so I took the two younger girls who wanted a nice pencil case from Mensland. My daughter always wants to go to these falls. They are on the way but a narrow road to get to them. There were a couple of cars of tourists there. It seemed to have more water than last time.

My daughter was taking shots to enter the scenery section of the local Agricultural Show in possibly March. Life seems to go on, with me dragged along behind I feel. I started this post to show you this picture of me, though I am not game to put it on Facebook.

There was a terrible op-shop in that town, then they moved into a new one. I found it was lovely. We ended up getting a lovely Pokemon doona cover, you can guess who it is for. I thought at first he could use it for material. My husband was sorry I didn't get the English tea set, teapot and cups etc. for $20, it was beautiful really. Royal W something with gold edges, in grey, tall teapot.


joolzmac said…
Lovely photos, Linda - so very Austalian!

Cheers - Joolz
Tatersmama said…
Great photos! But I have one question... Why wouldn't you use the one of you as a profile pic on facebook? I really like it!!
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
It seems I just stay over on Facebook, but today I decided to come on back to your blog to visit. I really like the waterfall shots, and the picture of you is just fine, too!
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
I really liked your photos - straight and curvy and flowing - I'll let you decide which were which in my eyes lol
Wonder how long it took that farmer to cut his hay?
Take care
Linda said…
The paddocks on their farm are huge. It is in Tooma NSW. He was looking at dd taking the pics, poor guy.
cathy@home said…
are you talking about Royal Worcester
Linda said…
probably, it was very nice.

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