Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... will open the blinds after my shower

I am thinking... enjoying Enrique songs, Be Yourself in particular, haven't been interested in his music lately, now enjoying it again

I am thankful for... my internet speed coming back up today. Grooveshark is fine in moderation!

I am wearing... my nightie, taking advantage of the kids not waking very early today

I am remembering... my husband has been at work at least twice during his holiday, including today. He has crutches for a wart that was removed from the bottom of his foot and today was the first time he has driven since about six days ago, I actually can't remember which day he had it done

I am going... maybe somewhere in a week's time, my husband starts work proper next week

I am reading... The Solitary Envoy by T. Davis Bunn & Isabella Bunn. It was a wonderful novel, suitable for mature Christians

I am hoping... nothing, I have very low expectations after not getting our painting done this holiday. Think very hard before agreeing to having anything frozen off your body.

On my mind... I suppose the pay week starts again, but mostly it feels like a holiday

Noticing that... it is cool, it never did get hot. When I saw cool, it is actually hot, but not very. Hard to explain, some would still find it hot.

Pondering these words... a quote from the Waltons where John Boy describes Erin's beau. He may not be a knight in shining armour, but he is devoted and persistent...

From the kitchen... whatever we get from the shop today, maybe something that includes the spinach we have in the fridge

Around the house... my daughter is wearing the dress she made with my Mum. I only heard that she learnt to tack darts. The dress suits her very well

One of my favourite things... the magazines Mum gives me at Christmas time that she has read, have lots of food magazines

From my picture journal... my daughter on her beach mission where she found a new friend that she talks to constantly now that she is home

I have some links to old Women's Weeklys and a library blog for you to look at. My husband got some family information following the Woman's Weekly link.

My husband has been watching a lot of TV, he usually only watches when I am asleep perhaps, or working hard. He said he saw a show of older models and they said something like some people look better when they are older.

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Scrappy quilter said…
Nice to visit and see what your weeks been like. Did you get all the rain everyone else did. Think of you often. Hugs
Linda said…
It has been nice to see you here scrappy. No in the recent floods we have had little rain. We did some some gentle rain last night, it has been nice for the garden.

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