Back to normal routines

Feeling on the depressed side earlier. I think really I am tired. I started my menu when I felt better and realised this is what I love. During the school holidays which ended last Friday, I didn't get on the computer much, so I look forward to better days ahead. My back nearly went out the other day, but it was localised to my hip or right leg. I had a couple of painful spasms which means it was damaged, so maybe that is contributing to my tiredness. I am so grateful, it hasn't affected what I can do at all except for the first day. It is very emotional sending a child back to uni four hours away, yet I think it was time, hence the back going out I think.

I can feel even though I am happy doing the menu my stamina for it is not very high. So that would indicate I need rest, and not to worry too much about being depressed that it will come OK when I don't feel so tired.

The mechanic is working on a pricing for what may be wrong with the car, he said he had to do some research which is much better than surprises later I think.

I feel my husbands foot is nearly back to normal. He is wearing boots and seems to be coping with work and classes fine with it. There is a small patch he has to cover. Remember this is a wart that was frozen and he ended up on crutches, so blessed we had just enough time for him to recover during his holidays.

I feel so blessed as well by little things. My eldest son gave my uni boy an Indian milk shake, it is those type of things that make him really happy. And also the end of a monthly bus ticket. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness. He was so excited to go home to the city and that would have helped, and the offer for him to watch TV, what they were watching, whoever was there at the time.


Out Back said…
Welcome back to reality and routines again Linda.

Hope you regain your lost energy soon. Maybe it is the busyness that has caught up with you.

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