Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods: it is getting colder all the time and apparently snowing in Tasmania. I feel cold inside with my summer clothes on, with sleeves, not my really hot day lounging around at home clothes

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Things that make me happy:
blogging and from that learning something that cheers me and calms me down and gives me joy

Book I am reading:
I hope to read more to keep myself off facebook and being more discreet, love to know what the Greek word actually means for that. I have found this article to help me hope to read it in depth later

What I am enjoying on TV:
Selling Houses Extreme was very good and very respectful

On the menu for dinner:
Vegetarian Japanese Pancakes, you can make them with virtually nothing but old cabbage in the fridge, last day in my fortnight

On my To Do list:
tame the bills again

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
nothing has popped up yet, haven't done my menu

In the craft basket:
last night my husband and little girl sewed a dark blue M on her light blue t-shirt for sports day, it had stains on the front so it looks better

Looking forward to this week:
if I get organised well before time I will enjoy a day out, and hopefully also getting my car organised to go to the regional centre. It is getting fixed for free!

Tips and tricks:
make pizzas from left over pastry, the girls have been enjoying it

My favourite blog post this week:
I'm not sure, I think As Ugly As Possible

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers):
Shropshire Lass

No words needed: another photo from the camp my daughter went to

Lesson learned the past few days:
that bad situations like my car, you have to perservere. I had mentioned to my husband's Dad about my car's problems, the only time we will probably see him this year, and I finally understood what could be wrong with my car, things led one to another and now I am getting it fixed for free. It came about by me asking my husband to ask them how much exactly it would cost to get fixed this time

On my mind:
I'm just happy now I have read that bible study

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses: Wow. Usually this is so vague. But after being around facebook a lot you can see the difference. Apparently there is a fast February, where people are fasting. Funny thing it is not food they are fasting from it is wine. I would never have come across it in my normal life. My facebook friends are online, they are from real life true, but either from the past, or friends of friends or even family I don't mix with, probably for these type of reasons, different lifestyle. I have seen these women all year and it is interesting that the fast has given them inspiration, though some were already inspiring themselves for health reasons etc. One says she feels better

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2. 3-5

I have been quite upset about facebook the last few days. My husband's advice to me is to not lose my temper. I found this blog post that I find interesting.

Further Instructions
2Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. 3And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. 4Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. 5Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. 6Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. (THIS SHOWS THAT IT’S POSSIBLE TO OBSCURE THE MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL IF I’M NOT COURTEOUS…NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE MESSAGE MAKES SENSE, OUR ACTIONS TOWARD THEM CAN DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT WE LOSE OUR EFFECTIVENESS AND TURN OTHERS AWAY FROM CHRIST IF WHAT WE SAY ISN’T “TASTY”….NOT MEANING PALATABLE, FOR SALT STINGS AND THE BY ITSELF TRUTH CONVICTS STILL, BUT WHAT CAN IT DO IF IT DOESN’T ENCOURAGE FURTHER DIALOG?).

Further dialogue is scary and I ask your prayer.

This meme is from Sandra's blog.


Renata said…
I always enjoy reading this meme you put up. Our temperatures are very similair to yours - hasn't autumn hit us early (although it does look like it will warm up later in the week).
I have not braved facebook & don't think I will - blogging is enough for me.
Hope you have a wonderful day - I'd better go & get everything moving (running late today - shouldn't have hopped on the computer).
Have fun

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