Modelling the Op-shop Wedding Dress

It is amazing that the dress fits me exactly. I have never tried on a wedding dress before, so it was an interesting experience for me. I was a different shape when I did get married in my cotton dress with many fresh flowers, 26 years ago. This one has a train so it was fun.


Debbie said…
It fits you perfectly and like you I haven't had on a wedding dress either. I think it was the 'in thing' to wear a dress and have flowers in our hair 26yrs ago.
Renata said…
You look lovely - what a perfect fit! I loved wearing my wedding dress - was sad in fact that it was only for one short day, however 4 children & 11 years later there is no way that I could squeeze into it to remember the fun!
Oh well - I'd rather the blessings I have!
Hope you have a wonderful week

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