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FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... don't know but everything is quiet outside

I am thinking... that I am feeling much better than I did last night after my long drive to the regional centre. Back was stiff this morning though. Could critic the video I posted quick easily last night. Loved talking to my son on facebook, seeing his status updates. This morning he is up bright and early and changed his sheets, see below

I am thankful for... getting everything I needed yesterday and still keeping up, my son's text book ended up being $130 instead of what I gave him of $100, had an email about his food budget being greatly diminished which I had to fix slowly. I had to get things for my daughter's camp on Monday, she felt her things where too shabby, which could mean anything these day, I think perhaps she doesn't take a close enough look at the others stuff and worries too much, but you never know. These days camping is not roughing it with old things. Towels at Sam's Warehouse for $6.99 I was very impressed with, something in the style that I usually like to buy

I am wearing... I am enjoying the ability to type while quiet and coolish, but my daughter has some music on now and I am going to get busy

I am remembering... that even though I left around 10 yesterday I didn't get home until about 7, and that is just doing what I had to do. It is sad that I have to hurry my girls through shops, I didn't get to look at any of the new clothes in Myer, but I am going back in a couple of weeks. It is like plagues of the bible in Albury, they had grasshoppers, baby crickets, not large crickets and more grasshoppers. Apparently the clothes hanging near the main door are covered with insects

I am going... no where, which is good, it gives my back a rest before my big drive

I am reading... I know there are two books in the library, but I haven't been able to pick them up and now it is the weekend. One is by BJ Hoff so chances are I will read and enjoy it

I am hoping... my husband is OK sanding the ceiling today. He is more tired than usual. He is a workaholic, but having his foot frozen, and having shingles last year, he seems very tired the past few weeks, still may be the change in weather. Yesterday I think it was back to being humid where I was, raining all day here. I know because the water came downhill to meet me when I was driving home. The Hume has filled up so much in a week, back to overfull, very nearly how it was earlier

On my mind... just moving along with my day

Noticing that... being in the Myer fitting room was like being on an episode of Trinny & Susannah with the 360 degree mirror. I was waiting a long time. I was there to get my daughter fitted, but knew I needed some as I have lost weight

Pondering these words... not many words except the words to the song something like days without rain caught my attention when my daughter was playing it the other day and today I saw part of it on TV

From the kitchen... I didn't get my Indian ingredients of Fenegreek leaves dried and another thing I needed to try a marrow curry

Around the house... an unusual fold up Malaysian looking hat with batik on it, I got it at the op-shop yesterday. We had had lunch early 2/3 of the way into our trip and it was raining, but you don't get very wet when it is hot, and we walked via the op-shop to the car

One of my favourite things... my dinner set. Found a bread and butter plate at the op-shop to add to it, didn't have many of those, I actually got it for free

From my picture journal... this the doona cover one of my daughter's pointed out to me at an op-shop, luckily it was a double bed size I think for a king single, he finds lots of positive messages in Pokemon. I think I am happy because I can see the point to my efforts a couple of weeks ago and it is making sense to me now. I often ask my husband stupid questions like that, I know it is his job, but at my age I feel I should be past that somehow

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Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I'm finally taking the time to visit friends' blogs this morning. I enjoyed reading about all that's going on with you and your family.

Is that an unusual thing, all those grasshoppers and crickets?

Also, we are really still into Pokemon, and are passing on that interest to the grandkids. :P

Take care!
Linda said…
It is unusual, but we have seen them there before when the crickets were babies a few weeks earlier? Also they had a locust plague around Christmas time, maybe these are the hatchlings?

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