Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday...

Outside my window... it is dark after a warm day down off the mountain

I am thinking... how I feel better now after I have calmed down from my trip. I went to the regional centre yesterday, today I went to my hometown 2 1/4 hours away. The girls have tired themselves out and are in their rooms at 9

I am thankful for... finding a wedding dress for a reasonable price for my daughter's art project at my favourite op-shop. I saw some in another op-shop they were nearly as expensive as ebay

I am wearing... denim capris and a lilac t-shirt and scuffs

I am remembering... that I still have to sort out my food for the fortnight tomorrow, buying more and doing a menu

I am going... hopefully no where, I have Friday to recover

I am reading... nothing

I am hoping... the guy who is getting my car trucked down to get fixed is able to find someone, I'm sure he will, it will be very exciting, praying for a miracle there, as it is a fairly long way

On my mind... I am enjoying a song, I didn't really enjoy music today on my trip, or yesterday actually, but I have been enjoying Brooke Fraser

Noticing that... some of the trees are losing leaves, and things are getting even greener

Pondering these words... soon and very soon from Brooke Fraser

From the kitchen... my husband made a lovely pasta dish from virtually nothing tonight with basil he got from someone at work
Pasta Puttanesca

Around the house... my daughter went on a trip with CFA Advance. She got a glow in the dark helmet with her initial and surname on it, a t-shirt, badge, polar fleece, all very official looking and her new workboots which she loves

One of my favourite things... I have a favourite plate. Today I found one exactly the same at my hometown op-shop

From my picture journal... the dress from the back angle, it is too big, I forgot she wanted to wear it to take photos for the art project

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