Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday...

Outside my window... it has been raining. My arch with Renae Rose is covered in pink flowers

I am thinking... how blogs and blog friends are so vital, what would we do without that constant?

I am thankful for... my Mum buying a smaller wedding dress from the op-shop for my daughter's art project, plus extras like flowers, horseshoes, and apparently the teacher gave her some tulle. Mum gave me sewing instructions for a veil

I am wearing... the top I found in the wardrobe, it is great for this middle weather. We don't usually get much of that here. I think it is because I was inside where it is cooler

I am remembering... that my daughter did well at the Show with her photography

I am going... no where. Which is good as my back is bad, but I survive because it is more in my leg, however I am worried it should be healing by now

I am reading... nothing

I am hoping... to have Jerusalem Artichoke soup when my husband brings back some from the other house, maybe I should take a pic of our first harvest of them for years and finish my back to basics post

On my mind... my social skills. I am starting to sound like my son. Really it is hard for me sometimes. I can't see what everyone else sees, I couldn't even fix it, and it is hard work

Noticing that... my husband is sewing a dress my daughter got online so it fits better, the one her sister was wearing in the other pic from last week

Pondering these words... soon and very soon from a song by Brooke Fraser

From the kitchen... just Japanese pancakes

Around the house... the Easter daisies are blooming in the garden

One of my favourite things... Easter daisies

From my picture journal... the Show last weekend, they rang me to ask for a rabbit. In the end I got two lovely photos of them both with the rabbits

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Anonymous said…
Just leaving my footprint after reading your post!
Clara said…
I found you through the daybook... Lovely to read your reflections/thoughts... I hope your back and leg feel better soon.

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