Back to Basics Challenge

I started this post on the 17th January, some things I have mentioned before, sorry.

Sowing seed or Planting

My husband dug our jerusalem artichokes. The smell of them cooking in the kitchen was lovely. This is the recipe we are using: Jerusalem Artichoke & Leek Soup & Jerusalem Artichoke Soup. They been growing for two seasons, this is the first ever dig. My husband says they need major thinning out. Maybe I should have dug them the first season after all? However it has been a very wet year, and they probably loved it.

Planning for The Future

A lean week found my husband learning to make chapatis. We had Red Lentil & Spinach Dahl and it suggested serving it with chapatis. Usually we don't do that, have the bread suggested, but it was really nice. Red lentils can be a worry sometimes if you are going to have enough to eat. They are so fine.

Also we learnt to make a paella that is cheaper than our usual one. Sometimes I have an allergy to frankfurters, and had a mild one this time, so kabana for me next time. It is more made from pantry things and was adapted from three different recipes, here, here and here.

Working for the Future

My husband got an antenna for the TV at the tip. Our tv is not ready for when the normal transmission is turned off. We were given a set top box from a move my son did, his then girlfriend gave it to us. Then we used the amplified from when we lived near Melbourne in 2003 and didn't have tv for awhile until we got the amplifier and perhaps watched Imparja.

So for my money at all we are ready. We haven't been watching free to air tv, but I find I have been missing out on some good shows.

We were given some tomato sauce made partly with something else. It wasn't shelf stable so my husband has been reboiling and bottling it. Throwing out bottles with narrow necks etc.

We have done some more work on our other house ready to sell.

My daughter bought a dress from an online shop. She also wanted a dress for the races here. In the end we figured with a bit of adjustment around the bust, and refitting the stay or bone after it was washed and fell out that the dress would work for the races. She ended up having her photo taken with her friends waiting for the bus, and it was published in the local free newspaper where our other house is. She was staying with a friend there.

My older daughter has the op-shop wedding dress for a VCE art project. My husband resewed the zip in to make the dress bigger to fit her. My Mum gave us the idea as she is a trained dressmaker.

My husband today fixed the door to my daughter's room. It wasn't actually holding on by much. Apparently that was because what it was screwed into was maranti, a soft wood.

Building Community

I have still been helping on an online community group. I don't think people realise how hard it is. That is why I have been a bit quiet.

Learn a new Skill

I learnt how to buy makeup again.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.

Another photo from the Agricultural Show in March. This was an exhibit, not my kids.


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