More of our week

I feel much better today. One of the guys that was to be at the reunion, the brother of my friend, who is also a friend hired a car weeks ago and when he was ready to go to the reunion was stuck 5 hours and missed it. Luckily we had another event the next day and he was able to go to that. I was looking at the photos, and was happy to see them, I didn't go to that one. Haven't heard a word from them so it was lovely, I think I miss their company.

This is one of the photos of the wood that my husband has been chopping on his holiday.

While I was waiting for the reunion to start I read the book Shall We Dance by Maggie Alderson, absolutely LOVED it! It was written in 2010 and had facebook references lol. I was VERY well behaved at the reunion BTW!

Trinny & Susannah is on tonight! I hope I remember. I will feel much better then. I have been weird since I got home from the reunion on Saturday night. It was a very nice night though, at no time did I feel out of place, everyone was extremely nice. I saw this lady who remembered me obviously so well, and related to me that way, and I had no idea who she was. We had chocolate icecream with a straw in the regional centre 3/4 hour from the reunion before midnight sometime, a whole row in McCafe with my three girls and my husband on cool retro orange seats. I had a coffee, had pizza around 9 at the reunion. After awhile about 1/2 hour from home with everyone asleep I drove through the bush with my music turned down low, before that they wouldn't let me. They were having a gas bag (talk) and we looked at the enormous moon driving along the freeway.

Today my husband is painting the rest of this section.


Renata said…
WOW - your hubby sure has been busy with that woodpile- will it get you through winter?
Hope you are going well & the painting goes well
Linda said…
There is another row on the shed now, and apparently will last until July I think.

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