Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... cars for the Man From Snowy River Festival

I am thinking... about how I should get ready to see my daughters in the parade. It is very cold inside, then it will be warm outside, so I sort have to get ready twice

I am thankful for... our good health, the children being very settled and happy

I am wearing... at the moment a windcheater, skivvy, new jeans, socks, fluffy slippers

I am remembering... that I haven't forgotten you all

I am going... to see one of my daughters who is in the CFA advance with her uniform on

I am reading... I have taken most of my library books back

I am hoping... I have a good time at the reunion of kids who grew up in my hometown in my age group. I don't feel comfortable that I will look right, I have plain hair and don't pluck my eyebrows lol

On my mind... I try not to think about it. My car has been broken since 2008 in August, same recurring expensive problem. There may be a resolution, I'll have to pray hard

Noticing that... I am still babying my back along. If I can get the reunion excetera that will be great, I am getting more confident that I won't have a relapse

Pondering these words... from Josh Turner showing his new baby

From the kitchen... Bacon & Spinach Macaroni Cheese

Around the house... my daughter has cleaned her room as she has a friend staying over for a couple of nights

One of my favourite things... my new foundation and lipstick and sample of perfume called White Heat. I went to the regional centre to take my car, I had the other car. I went to buy makeup, explained I haven't worn it for years, and I got a sample of mascara and moisturiser to put on the night before and on the day to make it last because it is not on dead cells. I had been reading about perfume in the Christmas Women's Weekly and the perfume sounds a little like Scarlett which sounded nice to me. I didn't choose this one, but it sounds nice! I bought an evening purse with a little strap, I think it will be a nuisance, and hints appreciated. And I got my hair trimmed, didn't realise how long it had been. Had a lovely chat with a lady with four kids in the bakery cafe. Her girls were having a baby chino which I also know little about lol

From my picture journal... my daughter on her weekend away at her friend's house

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