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FOR TODAY Thursday...

Outside my window... sun shining on a distant valley, the light has definitely changed from summer light, and the jays are back, our jays, not sure if they are the same as American jays, somehow I don't think so

I am thinking... about my son and daughter's homework, though my daughter is on holidays actually

I am thankful for... my car being home and the local garage has made arrangements for us to pay them, not the garage where we took it and picked it up from

I am wearing... my good shoes to get me used to wearing them. I remembered that I wore large heels all day everyday when I was a teenager, so maybe it is second nature to wear them despite what I think. When you wear orthotics you wonder you know?

I am remembering... that it is my son's 23rd birthday this week, he is my eldest, seems a significant age for a eldest child to be

I am going... eventually to a reunion of people from my hometown in my age group that in particular enjoyed skating at the time

I am reading... I find print too small to read much, hopefully I will have new glasses in a few months. I think it is not affecting how much I read, but I am guessing I will read more with the new glasses. I did read the AWW article on Magda.

I am hoping... I enjoy the reunion, I don't go out much usually

On my mind... it is not on my mind now, but did you know that has an article about using facebook as an alternative to sites like rsvp which as you know is often on the tv ads, even on paytv

Noticing that... shopping in major supermarkets is not like shopping at home. I put my red basket on the checkout and was swiftly told to remove it, though it just had a card and an Easter bag that I wanted to keep clean while handling a bag of dog food my daughter had

Pondering these words... This is a tough article to read. It is called Love and Modesty. I have spent a year collecting things for an outfit to wear out. The first lot I got for my daughter's deb ball. I missed out on the last things, the makeup, evening bag, and warm wrap. I got the warm wrap on Thursday, felt really bad spending the money. Feel it is difficult relating to people without going out, then I read this. This morning I tried the whole outfit on and felt I looked good in it. It was like a special moment for me as I wasn't seeing what other people saw. I have been watching Trinny & Susannah, and up until I bought my new jeans had no pants at all to wear for winter. The ones I bought not that long ago were able to be folded back, it is the new jean material, plus I am losing weight. I feel the new material is tight in the way it clings etc. But the old style of jeans makes Trinny & Susannah cringe. Anyway, it was still good.

From the kitchen... Sausage Casserole, a family favourite. When we can have beef chipolatas I have it

Around the house... the dragon costume is ready for the weekend, but we still have the tail to make, it is to be sewn

One of my favourite things... my new grey drapey vest for over my short sleeved black dress to wear to the reunion. A few days before the weather there is supposed to be 24 with an overnight of ten. Warmer than it has been. It has bling on the drapey bits

From my picture journal...

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