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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... I noticed today lots of trees have very few leaves left, it must have been the recent rain

I am thinking... how we had another late night of driving around with that spectacular moon that was chopped in half from the top, haven't seen anything like it. We were driving through a logging track to meet up with our sons and my eldest son's girlfriend who I hadn't met before, to escort them to our other house to stay. They had been to the football in Melbourne which is 5 1/2 hours drive

I am thankful for... my new friends that I met as a result of the preparations of the reunion I attended at Easter time. We all have our hometown in common which results in a lot of networking

I am wearing... a midseason top, that I got quite awhile ago, I have mentioned it before and my new jeans which I love, they are from Regatta

I am remembering... that I had a lovely time picking up my daughter from gym. It has started again, always a chance to see the stars and be out in the very brisk air, just on sunset these days, very pretty tree silhouettes

I am going... to the dentist again. But, I get to go to my hometown again, and I guess digest the fact that I really did go to the reunion. Then on the way home I get my hair trimmed, on time! I promised the hairdresser faithfully I would be back in 6 weeks, which goes very quickly for me, and the hairdresser is 1 1/2 hours away. Our LPG isn't working so the trip out is going to cost $100 instead of a lot less. I haven't filled up petrol in about a decade and not looking forward to it, but it is about time!

I am reading... nothing

I am hoping... I can talk to the dentist about my tooth without getting upset

On my mind... enjoying an Enrique song I hadn't heard before, If The World Crashes

Noticing that... my daughter is playing the Ocarina

Pondering these words... from the Royal Wedding, the text they used, was it Ephesians?

From the kitchen... we had yesterday black turtle beans with green lentils and a lot of spices from, but I think we will tweak it again before having it again. Our adaption didn't quite suit us

Around the house... the costume my eldest daughter wore to a homeschooling friends birthday party, it was an Irish costume that another friend from church helped her with. It was really lovely

One of my favourite things... the perfume I wore to the reunion. It was a sample. I need to find out how much a bottle costs, it was White Heat. Same with the cleanser, toner and moisturiser, I was really happy with them

From my picture journal... waiting at my hometown for the reunion time during Easter

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