Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... I was watching an airplane out my window on a blue sky while combing my hair, I am blessed

I am thinking... how I may like playing Gardens of Time on fb, I only play one game and wasn't keen to start another but it looks good chosing things that are not old (I think it is not my style though)

I am thankful for... that more people like me than I expect, it makes such a difference. Also that my daughter is learning piano again, it meant a lot to me, my main upset about moving from my hometown

I am wearing... I have been wearing an old orange windcheater, but will wear my good jumper when I go out today

I am remembering... that my son is going for a promotion in the public service, he is unsure if he is ready yet

I am going... yes the dentist, but I may reschedule

I am reading... Justin Bieber's book. It is very exciting. Very positive, I recommend it to any Christian, you will find it will bless you, I guess though it is just the right thing for me at the right time. Also my husband may have been near where Justin comes from and I have a friend from Ontario so it is especially nice

I am hoping... I get six meals worked out to last until pay day with the money we have left. I have a menu but I may have to modify it, need a good basic list, we have bread and all those things already

On my mind... why I feel hot and dizzy, I hope it goes away soon

Noticing that... my son is making a bit of an effort to study for his maths exams at uni

Pondering these words... I was lucky enough to find a radio show about a novel I loved reading recently called Shall We Dance by Maggie Alderson. I am looking for readalikes. Lovely listening here. Remember the book is about vintage and the lead character is 49

From the kitchen... we had zucchini pancakes. My husband is becoming an expert on vegetable pancakes, and it was made more in the vegetarian Japanese style in the end, as they can be a bit thin, the normal ones and not filling enough. Always lovely with whatever salad the Taste site puts with them like these ones which we left as they were I think

Around the house... there is a tripod, my daughter has learnt a lot about cameras during her art project

One of my favourite things... asking the hairdresser to change the way the bottom of my hair is cut, I really like it, I sort of thought of something Trinny & Susannah said

From my picture journal... taken on Saturday it hasn't rained for awhile, though it did yesterday and today

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