Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... colourful autumn leaves on my liquid ambar/gumball tree

I am thinking... how I need a cup of tea

I am thankful for... the fact that a virus I had for a week, that was responsible for feeling dizzy went away. Our daughter got it though and was actually sick. I felt dizzy the most while sitting waiting for the heater to catch, of course the heat from the fire didn't help

I am wearing... an old windcheater, pull on pants, skivvy

I am remembering... that I did reschedule my dentists appointment

I am going... no where really, just school

I am reading... I couldn't find a readalike for Maggie Alderson, so I read another of her books Handbags and Gladrags which was good as I could identify with lots about the main character's childhood, in a vague way. It is chic lit, not sure what Christian fiction I can go back to reading, will have to find something

I am hoping... a new library book comes soon

On my mind... why our new heater fan we bought four years ago but hardly used is not working all of a sudden, it is at our other house

Noticing that... the chrysanthamums match the tree

Pondering these words... just lyrics from Ol 55 and Daniel Boone and Sherbet, the videos are lovely to watch

From the kitchen... I had nachos for lunch, disappointed we didn't have the ones with zucchini. You can't tell zucchini is in them, seems to make the cheese and tomato less heavy

Around the house... a nice clean lounge, had got out a painting I got for the other house, and it looks really nice, hope to have it put up soon

One of my favourite things... my new pillowcases, that I also got for the other house and had been saving

From my picture journal...

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