Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday...

Outside my window... there is a parrot and it is foggy and wet

I am thinking... about Sara Storer and lyrics from the CMC Rocks cover that they posted on facebook

I am thankful for... my boys who live in the city, sometimes makes sense after I have been talking to them lol

I am wearing... skivvy, windcheater, jeans, socks. It is a warm morning today, expected to be 12 degrees

I am remembering... that my husband enjoyed his birthday yesterday

I am going... no where, just to school each day

I am reading... I just finished Cents and Sensibility by Maggie Alderson, a whole other world to me

I am hoping... the rest of the week goes smoothly, the kids are going out, which means a big trip for them, which takes organising etc. I haven't all the food bought yet for the following week, it makes me nervous lol

On my mind... bored for once, I am not usually

Noticing that... my husband looks better now that he has written his school reports two very late nights over the weekend

Pondering these words... Won't Give In, Sara Storer

From the kitchen... Crispy Bacon, Bean & Cheese Penne from recipes I pulled out of recipe+ magazines my Mum gave me, we have been having them all week

Around the house... lots of good dresses my Mum sent up for the social the girls are going to. My youngest daughter found a blue satin dress, eldest see below

One of my favourite things... my daughter's outfit for a hidden identity social this week. It is a paisley-like dress with little frill around the neckline, slim fitting, a cord jacket, suede boots, glasses with fake nose and moustache and a "mans" hat, it looks really good. We were very lucky to get just the right boots at the op-shop on Saturday, even though she is an odd size

From my picture journal... the ash in the sky when the planes were grounded, usually we can see them, before it gets dark, but around that time of night

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Renata said…
Hi Linda
I enjoyed reading this - that recipe sounds wonderful! It's so interesting seeing your ash pictures - we didn't get it this far north, but my parents kept asking if we were!
Hope you have a wonderful week
I love Sara's songs...

Nice photo of the ash cloud. We are meant to see a return of it tomorrow.

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