Photo taken today at our other house. Always there is something interesting in the sky there. Most people are on double blocks so it seems the sky is open above you.


joolzmac said…
I call that a 'big sky'. I love the way the clouds are all wispy and wishy washy.

Western Australia has big skies because it is so flat, I guess.

Cheers - Joolz
Stewart M said…
Hi there - I love it when the sky fills with clouds like the ones in your picture. They seem so small but they fill up the space.

Great to see.

Stewart M - Australia (same state, but in a muchc, much larger town!)
eden said…
Such a lovely capture.

Have a great weekend.
Hubba Hubba skywatch post.
Joyce M
Tanya said…
pretty sky! happy skywatching!
jeannette said…
Great to see the clouds swirling like that!
Pearl Maple said…
Nice photo with lighting and action

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