Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... I started this on the 9th August. It is now Friday & Saturday

Outside my window... ornamental pear trees, three of them down my drive in flower. I noticed this year the flowers are a full round shape

I am thinking... about my daughter going to Melbourne 5.5 hours drive, she is doing VCE revision

I am thankful for... my son being home and reasonably well. It appears he had electro something treatment on his knee, must have been sitting up and blacked out and toppled off the table/couch. He was incoherent and the doctor rang me, 4 hours away. He remembers them saying it can happen before he had the treatment

I am wearing... a skivvy, and two jumpers, jeans and wool socks, then today it is warmer and I have lost the socks and the second jumper

I am remembering... that my daughter has a gym concert and she has her gypsy costume hanging in her room

I am going... eventually to pick up a Target layby, go to the dentist and drop off some of my girls to Mum at the same time, holidays coming up, they always come around too fast. I managed to pick up a Target layby last Sunday of a t-shirt for me. I am trying to buy clothes in larger normal sized clothing rather than plus sizes. I have lost weight and I am not used to looking in that section. I got the largest size in it, then when I picked it up I tried the next size down just to make sure. Luckily for me I had to pick up my daughter from the regional centre (1 1/2 hours away) she went to Youth Alive in Melbourne. Her friends parents dropped her at the regional centre, the girl's sister took her to Seymour, back to Seymour then back to the regional centre. We had a lovely chat on the way home and dropped in on my daughter's friend who has moved as well. Got home around 8.30. I am not used to shopping on the weekends. May do it more often.

I am reading... I did start Emotional Intelligence, but I am not sure I like it, the introduction put me off

I am hoping... I am wise with dealing with the money this week, I guess if you start thinking about it early it all comes together

On my mind... VCE revision classes at the regional centre, at least I know when they are now

Noticing that... my first tulip is out

Pondering these words... aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands” (1 Thessalonians 4:11).

From the kitchen... last night all very budget I am afraid, had a lovely dish with tamarind last night, the tamarind makes up for the lack of ingredients

Around the house... my husband is sweeping the side verandah, lovely outside today

One of my favourite things... these things my friend posts from

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From my picture journal... my daughter's painting for art, this was one of the canvases I bought for her to paint on

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beagleAnnie said…
Thank you, Linda. I really enjoyed your blog and your daughter's heartwarming picture!

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