Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... dark & quiet

I am thinking... about my weightloss and how it affects my life. It has dropped off me, though really probably only I notice

I am thankful for... the friends my daughter's have

I am wearing... a top my Mum sent me in the mail. I have checked the label it is from K-mart. I used to always get my clothes from K-mart when I lived in my hometown now 8 years ago sadly

I am remembering... how a lady at one shop shoe suggested graduation shoes even down to the place on the shelf at another shoe shop, said it was the only one left and in my daughter's size. This was after seeing her dress below. She is graduating high school.

I am going... I have been invited to an 80th birthday celebration. I am not sure how to go about the trip. Always safety is a factor. Maybe my little girl and her Dad can go on the Saturday and come back Sunday while I help the other two girls with their activities

I am reading... Barbara Pym, it is great, not as exciting as facebook, but I am trying to read it

On my mind... what my older kids will be doing next year, and the end of this year, some years are a trauma until everything settles down, only winter is peaceful lol, but very very cold

Noticing that... the tulips have finished in my garden

Pondering these words... words in the Barbara Pym novels, interesting

From the kitchen... something with too much cayenne in it!

Around the house... new shoes for the graduation, went this time last week to get them for a trip to the regional centre, a whole days work for two pair shoes, two pairs of bras and not much else, a layby I think. A small amount of groceries and a necklace.

One of my favourite things... the box of 14 items that my Mum sent me to wear over summer. After wearing a couple of items, when it was warm I wore shorts, another time a 3/4 top and a jumper, I realise how lacking my wardrobe was and how it affected me.

From my picture journal... my daughter in her graduation dress. The lady at the shoe shop says many girls complain their mother's iron and ruin them. First thing I said when I posted a picture of this dress on facebook was it had to be pressed! I'm hoping hanging for awhile will help.

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Crunchie's Mum said…
The graduation dress is beautiful, a lovely colour. Your daughter looks lovely. They grow up so quickly, my daughter is close to granduating from university and yet it seems only a couple of years ago she graduated from primary school.
Linda said…
Nice to see you. Hope the new house is going well.

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