January Update

This is a photo from November of my daughter's graduation from high school. Last Wednesday she got accepted into The Australian National University. I have two days of her left at home. She has cleaned up her room, discarded some clothes and made a time capsule of her treasures. It is four hours from home, and she won't be back until a break probably, or maybe a weekend in a month's time, we'll see how we go.

I made it to my father in law's 80th birthday celebration in early November. I saw some wildlife on the way including a frilled neck lizard, so I was happy about that.

Her younger sister is working again part time while going to high school. My eldest son is continuing on his graduate diploma and my other son, his science degree. I had a nice Christmas we opened our presents early with my eldest boys and eldest's girlfriend here with us.


joolzmac said…
Ah, Linda, I feel your pain. My second daughter is about to fly the coop and is off to Uni in Adelaide. We will be 'empty nesters' by the end of February. She has had some part time work over the summer that landed in her lap so she has earned some nice money to send her off with.

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas, what does 2012 hold for you?

Cheers - Joolz
Linda said…
Well, your kids are growing up, and life is changing for you. I always say that every stage has its blessings!

Your daughter is lovely. I wish her well in her schooling. I know you will miss her...but she will blossom and grow...and that will be good.

Have a great week ahead Linda.
Linda said…
Thanks Joolz. I think I'll get my husband to take photos when they do a uni tour on Friday, that made me emotional, I need it because I am not going to be there when she is dropped off.

2012 is scary at the moment. I am a little unsure but I'm sure it will be OK. It came a little from left field. It will be quiet too, but I think I need it. There are four kids home at the moment, so maybe a little too quiet, but they are getting cheeky in the last two days, so it will be nice to have them settled.
Your children are doing well Linda!

Your house sounds like mine a few years back. The eldest girl went to uni in Adelaide, then the next girl also left to go to Uni, and the last girl left to make a family of her own, and it seemed to happen so quickly! Just my boy now and he is nearly 16 and in year 11. I am dreading the next few years...I am home alone at the moment as hubby is away and son is staying at his mates, something I need to get used to :(

Wishing you and your family a happy 2012!

Linda said…
Thank you Tania. It does go all of a sudden it is weird.

My eldest's girlfriend has done her science degree and is doing a graduate diploma as well, at the uni my second son is at.

I feel embarassed on fb sometimes with my family strung out but I think I am dreading it too. My next daughter wants to join the armed forces in two years time.
Linda said…
Thank you Linda, sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. Thanks. x

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