More January updating

The Australian National University the day (last Friday) my daughter had a tour of the campus.

During the school holidays my eldest and youngest daughters went to stay with my Mum between Christmas and New Year. I am always in denial at Christmas, and now I find it is not only Christmas but the 31st January and school starts on Thursday, how did that happen? Next week my middle son starts another year at uni, and the week after that my daughter starts O week.

At the time my daughter had applied for a job in town to earn money to go away to uni. She had uni applications in three States. Mum bought her lots of things, like clothes for the job interview etc. I had taken her shopping before Christmas for clothes to go away to a Beach Mission she had organised all year, and had gone to a planning weekend for. She was lucky enough to find a girl from the regional centre 1 1/2 hours away en route who was starting for the first time and they split the petrol, all the way to Warrnambool. She has friends there, in particular a close one she writes to every day.

So this weekend was very important. I worried about it, but in the end she didn't get called for an interview for anything here in town, but got a fabulous offer to go to the city with her brothers, and they came up with ideas how she could come this year. Need prayer for that, but I really feel blessed. I was so worried that my purchase of the house we haven't yet sold would cause her to miss out. I think I spent a little of late last year a bit dispondent about that, I'm not sure. I feel my responsibities like that.

Anyway, my Mum and I met to drop the girl off in a town that I go op-shopping in. Mum helped me pick out 4 pairs of trousers for my husband that would fit, and she got me some jeans and long shorts I knew would fit as I have shrunk into a standard 18 at Target (keep in mind I am nearly 6') both top and bottom, usually one half of me was bigger than the other. My husband spent a couple of days taking up his trouser legs, of about 6 pants. But he had nothing to speak of, so it was a job well done. Especially since Mum heard what he needed and got some more things and posted them, though my youngest son has got off with a lot of the t-shirts.

My husband got some work done on the house, painting the front door, fixing the leak around the chimney which needed to do before some painting and some weeding with the help of our son who was home. I have had kids home since November maybe, I can't remember. But I had breaks here and there, mostly when my daughter went away and my other daughter stayed over with friends.

I had a lovely surprise. I have been hanging out for new underwear and my husband found some in the brand I had bought three of to start me off on a new style. He bought some lovely ones and I am happy. I can't buy them here in town. Even the basic ones are $15 each, Bonds.

With Australia Day being the day the packers would usually pack my fruit and vegetable order, I didn't get a delivery last week. I have been getting beer nuts and chocolate for myself with the order. With my husband away and the shock of having an offer of a good uni and my daughter leaving home only 8 days later, I wanted peanuts. Heaps of days later, my husband gave me some from an Asian shop in Canberra. They are so weird. They are tiny and the peanuts are like peas, the salt goes through the shell, and they don't taste like peanuts at all!

While he was away settling my daughter I read three novels. He chose them for me because I had no idea what I wanted to read. I told him what I didn't like and he chose, I liked them. They are not Christian, the reading was the same, except for the ghost parts. I still prefer Christian books though. Some small bits are more educational, but I prefer the Christian novels. They are:

Poppy Day by Annie Murray.
Firebird by Janice Hill
A midnight clear by Katherine Stone.
and the other one he chose was The long way home by Jessica Blair.


Jan said…
Good to catch up with you, and read that all is well.
Linda said…
I have been worried about myself this year, but yes, I am blessed and all is well.
Oh dear Linda, you have had so much going on. Burying yourself in a good book is a way to escape from reality for a while, especially if they are good books.

It is hard being a parent sometimes, I have had a stressful week trying to help my son choose his year 11 subjects. It is hard when he doesn't know what he wants to be yet. He will have to stay at school until he does lol!

Funny how we worry and then things turn out anyway :)

Linda said…
Thank you very much Jan and Tania for your comments.

I feel a bit flat today, too cold lol. Everything is still going OK though.
Titania said…
Hello Linda, it's been a long time!! I am not so much blogging any more. I see your children have grown up! Your daughter is a beautiful and clever girl. I wish you all the best and happy days. T♥
Linda said…
Thank you Titania. I am going to try to escape to a book again Tania, Friday my daughter went to uni, there was lots of tooing and froing on the phone, it was about subject choices. Realised my stress levels are very high while I adjust. They are looking at a bigger flat today, and if they get it, there won't be much of her things here, I didn't really realise how big a change it is. Already the amount of food and cleaning and quietness is different, and I can't quite understand this new two child family, not sure I ever had one, maybe for 18 months 24 years ago as I've had stepchildren to look after.

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