March Update

A month since I posted how my daughter is going in Canberra. She posted this picture today from Civic, or the city. It is nice.

I was still struggling with the quiet of having only two children at home. Both my daughters don't watch a lot of TV these days, one works part time, so it has been very quiet. And yes, still quite cold inside. Aparently our neighbour had died, so it was quieter than usual, usually he drives in and out his driveway.

Things have got busy again. My son comes home for his mid semester break on Saturday. Then a week later my three older kids are moving. My husband and my older daughter are going to help them shift. Then my daughter will have her own room in the city. My Mum has been buying up things in the Target sale to make her room nice. And generally helping me make sure then have socks and things to keep them warm, it will be a very cold winter, as usual for them. Colder than here, which is saying something.

My daughter has a friend in her classes on facebook who tells her anything she misses etc. I think that is helpful. Same thing happened with a guy who passed her in uni, he mentioned things she needed for class as well.

She hasn't been any more to her caving club. She has friends from church on her facebook. She has started following the rugby. Apparently she and her brother and his girlfriend sit in their jerseys watching the match. They are all going, even my husband etc. to a match when they move.


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