How the year is panning out

I'm sorry to those with links to my blog, that have have been redirected.  A hacker put some code in one of the layout boxes in the recent comments, all better now, thanks to a fellow blogger Joyce.

In April my kids moved house.  This photo is of my eldest daughter on the day of a job interview from May.  She was looking to quit uni at the time, and had a big think about what kind of work she wanted to do.  She decided on Aged Care, and actually got the job that same day.  Things are going well for her.  It is challenging, but despite the cold weather and very early mornings where she lives she is doing well. 

She has been home since, fairly recently.  I got her off the bus, then we drove to the regional centre.  Last night she had an hour on facebook video chat for the first time.  She has fun with her brothers and is gradually changing her hobbies and things. 

I haven't seen their new flat at all.  I plan to go there at Halloween for a concert with my daughter.  My eldest son invited me to dinner out, and at the same time my daughter thought of the same thing, so we are doing lunch. 


Jan said…
Good to read all working out well for your family.
It is always fun to read your blog, i can totally relate with you, your daughter looks very pretty i must say ! Wish you good luck in everything

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