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Thirteen years after treechanging (I omitted the nearly, adverb apparently), I have been updating the master bedroom.  As they say on Ezibuy, an edit, I am editing my bedroom.

I am also doing my fourth unit at uni during summer, so it is a little challenging, but biting off bits at a time, today is a bit cooler, or has turned out to be.  The reading for uni today was about blogging.  For all those who do it, don't let your skills wane, it might be valuable to you one day for work, that is what I am reading about.  Juggling uni and blogging sounds challenging, but really uni people only want to hear so much from me lol.

I have chosen units that give marks for talking, that works for me.  This time I just have to be quiet a little lol  So maybe I should say things are are more personal on the web in my little worlds and combine the two.

Annnywayy as Ellen says...

The idea was to get away from sleeping under the window, reduce the amount of furniture and clutter in the room and have a coherent look without repainting.  I needed a new doona cover last year but it was so bright and boho my daughter now owns it.  I had enjoyed boho decorating on houzz.  I realised after seeing my cedar look drawers in a Chrisco or similar furniture catalogue that it wasn't as dated as I thought.  My husband has a real cedar chest as well.  I didn't have the money for a new wardrobe this year, I am running out of space for clothes.

So I googled the colour of the furniture, and yellow walls and Shayna Blaze my favourite designer and came up with a page which I now know comes from a popular blog, The Interiors Addict.  So I may have interpreted it work but I was pleased with the results so far in the picture above.  Since then while cleaning out drawers and things I found two suitable artworks, and have bought some grey curtains on ebay and some poles from Spotlight.  My curtains had a watermark.  This is the second time this year I have bought custom curtains from ebay, my window is long and has sidelights, the curtains come from China and I am very happy with them.  The previous ones were from England for a short window.  I got a Hawkesbury set of poles and rings, I found the information on how many ring sets to buy from a curtain poles shop in the UK.  I had to adapt as my track, my pins and the heavy tape with no strings and less rows of string meant small pins, but the result is good, and perhaps how it was intended to be used.  The stiff tape holds the curtain in nice folds.

The blue cupboard is not ideal but still fits the theme loosely.  I had seen Freedom Furniture's pinterest page when editing or updating my daughter's room a few months ago.  There was a paint mixup and I needed to pull the room together.  A quick trip to Freedom while in the regional centre fixed it, just one fur cushion and a look on their page and I had it sorted.  I felt very blessed.  They have advise from memory on their site about bedrooms, and they said focal point work well for the bed.  That was the main reason I wanted to move the bed so it faced the door like a normal bedroom.  I had used a plaited leaf for my daughter the inspiration coming from an artwork we had.  That was also Freedom's idea.  They seem to value older types of art with frames.

So I found some artwork in the colours of lemon and grey and charcoal to suit the cedar on ebay but I had to make up a frame for the canvas.  My original idea was to look in an op-shop.  I ended up in that op-shop anyway with my Mum.  I overlooked a painting but thought it was big enough if I used it's frame for my canvas.  I went back by myself with a tape measure and brought the painting home.  It turns out to be from a famous artist as with another print I had found in a drawer.

The thing that got me started after putting everything off was I was reading an Ezibuy catalogue and happened to see a boho (according to them) doona cover in grey and white.  Shayna had said that mustard pulls the look together.  It had a splash of that, which is all I was supposed to have, a splash.  I searched everywhere on the net for a mustard light fitting as mine was homemade from my last house and the fittings had recently been rewired, my house is old.  So I got one from Bunnings, Akia pendant.  Ezibuy had a vase in the picture with the doona, and it turned out it matched the theme of the painting which was a farm in 1900 and the vase to me looked like it had been formed on chicken wire lol.

Anyway a lot has happened and still finishing up in here.

These are various stages, so not staged as such.

I also got a body pillow from Manchester Madness that matches the grey in the curtain so I am pleased with that. 


Joyce said…
Very nice work on the decorating, Linda! Also, I enjoyed reading your blog post. If I ever start blogging again, I think I would want to start all over, maybe a different theme.
Linda said…
Wordpress seems more user friendly than it used to be. I made a name for started one but haven't posted.
Tania said…
Hi there Linda,

Its great to see you posting again!

Your decorating looks really good. If you make another blog, be sure to let me know please. Yours was one of the first blogs I read on the internet.


Linda said…
That's the thing Tania I think it would be silly for me not to use this one as I have friends here. Will do.

Thank you.

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