Thankful Thursday

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The theme for this week is Peace.

I had a lot to be thankful for last Thursday. I have written a little about it on my Day In My Life post that Little Jenny Wren hosts. I feel like explaining it because most people say "sorry about your car", but don't realise what a miracle I felt it was.

I shop 50 minutes from my home, for reasons I have written about before. I buy the food and put some in eskis and come home before my husband's lunchtime. During this time, part of the road has no mobile phone reception. I carry a special phone, but it is not a sallelite phone. This is part of what I wrote:

"Over halfway there my car started having fits, or blooping I call it. I had someone following me quite closely so I pulled off the road. Passing is difficult and I wasn't sure what the car would do next."

On the other post I photographed a lovely creek. I had stopped at some toilets. Upon reflection it was also near a B&B, possibly they wouldn't have minded a stranger coming in to use their phone. I didn't stop the car then as you never know if it would have started again just at that point. After I tried to keep going, it went well until:

"Half way home and the car stalled at an intersection and my power steering went out. Very confusing. It started again. Earlier on I realised that with all the fussing about the radiator cap, we forgot about the phone credit that we didn't buy when I went to the regional centre so middle daughter would have the money for her game. The machine was down and they only had the expensive one. Didn't even check if it was charged much, though it probably was."

While crossing a river on an old bridge I made sure I kept the revs up until I got all the way across though you have to go over at 20kmph.

The next day I drove it to school even though I didn't want to. In the end hubby went to the workshop and they told him it can't be used, and booked it in for Monday. The miracle is the very same day it played up, we got extra money from a backpay, and I wasn't stranded on the road. The car prior to hubby speaking to the mechanics had water on the dipstick which hubby was able to recognise as serious. My Mum advised me that I could "cook" the motor.

I like it after these things are fixed because they are fixed for ever, it is just the worry of breaking down in the meantime in such a remote area that is the problem.

So I feel very blessed.

On Tuesday my Mum rang and said my step-Dad had had a car accident. He hit a car, on a place where the driver and his three children were unharmed, and himself and the dog in his car. The other driver had turned right in front of him without looking. The poor guy was shaken up. Please pray for him. My step-Dad is organising a new car now. I hope the new one is a blessing to them.

Straight after this phonecall a lady rang to say that the prize for completing a survey I did on the phone recently had been awarded to me! It is worth a few hundred dollars. I don't remember winning anything before, though I did a water survey with lots of prizes and got a shower head once, a water saving one. The prize this time was a water purifier.

The kids had the day off for curriculum day. This was a blessing too as two of the girls weren't feeling well, and the other one was recovering. They spent time watching a little Miley Cyrus. I am a little slow, I didn't realise Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana. I thought Miley Cyrus was a guest at the concert.

For some reason I went onto the Ezibuy site. I had received catalogues years ago. I found a really inspiring article about clothes. So on Monday I decluttered my wardrobe (handy if we move in the next 6 months) and hubby took away a full garbage straight to the op-shop during his lunch hour.


~ lovely bread rolls with butter

~ the girls got some lovely books from the book fair


~ getting my menu done

~ the girls had a nice night out at Youth Group


~ we got a reprieve from the bad weather, hubby was up in the roof space of the new house laying pink batts, he was hot!


~ I found three tops that I hope fit me on clearance at ezibuy for $10 each! I think it all started when I was looking for a tag from our ornamental pear trees to see about pruning, then I knocked something over, and picked up a MySize catalogue

~ the weather was warm, sunny and bright, we got some wood, our supply hasn't run out! Hubby was treated to a glorious view of the snow!


~ I was able to go through the clearance items with eldest daughter online and she and I picked out some nice clothes. I am nervous about it, I hope they fit. I wanted to buy them in the city but think we won't have time for something like that with more than just the two of us, she is not as fast as I would like

~ I got a lovely book delivery in a degradable wrapper from buyAustralian. It is Donald Zochert's Laura

~ good weather while I was walking to ballet


~ finding a great recipe that is a variation on the Chow Mein from the 70s, great for when I sometimes have boc choy (Chinese Chard) lying around in the fridge

~ got some of my giant pile of library books sorted out. I read part of one of the two that had to go back straight away and found I didn't like it that much, found some more I didn't like and today read one book or finished it from yesterday

~ did some work on the school electives for eldest daughter and second son


Denise said…
Blessings to you sweetie.
La Tea Dah said…
Walla Walla --- Australia. I have heard of it before. Here it means: Nez Perce for "place of many waters". What is the meaning there?

Linda said…
I have seen Walla Walla the place in the US.

"The Walla Walla homestead, which was one of the early sheep stations of the Riverina along the Billabong Creek, north of Albury. Mary Larkham gained ownership of this property in 1838. The station probably derived its name from an Aboriginal word meaning place of many waters. Others believe that the name Walla Walla meant the 'place of rocks' pointing to nearby Morgans Lookout, a towering granite outcrop."
Anonymous said…
God bless you more, linda.
Lana Gramlich said…
Why did you list this among the Sky Watch posts? Am I missing something?
Linda said…
It was just a mistake when copying.

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